Sheldon Haynie
February 7, 2012 | Other stuff | Sheldon Haynie

Low Impact winemaking

We are getting ready to bottle our new releases, selecting appropriate bottles, ordering corks, lablels and foils. This year we are choosing to use lighter bottles, to reduce the amount of glass and the energy to make, transport and recycle it. While the lighter bottles don't have the gravitas and presence of the heavier, we think our wines are good enough to stand by themselves. 

We are also enjoying the wind turbine, which is cutting our power bill and offsettiing the needs for cooling, lighting and pumps. We plan to add solar when we re-model our workshop to expand the winery later this year. 

To further reduce our footprint, we are buying a Kubota RTV900, a diesel UTV to augment our faithful BX2660 tractor. The UTV will give us the means to move 2 people and up to a 1000lbs of cargo around at up to 25 mph for inspection, maintenance and harvest. As we are farming more acreage this year, we need to be able to cover our ground faster, and having the right tools goes a long ways. 


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