Charitable Contributions & Events:

We get asked to contribute our wines to many worthy causes, and being a very small winery, we have to be selectitve with our inventory and time. If you have a cause which is local to Southern Santa Clara County, bona fide charitable and helps a broad section of our neighbors, we are extremely likely to help out. If you are farther away, or your cause is less likely to broadly assist people in need, we may have to decline in favor of those that do. 


Examples of our ongoing local participation include: 

The Gilroy Rotary Wine Pavilion at the Garlic Festival since 2011

Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce Friday Night Music Series

Taste of Morgan Hill wine tent 

The St. Louise Hospital Foundation fund raisers

Pajaro Community Health Trust Evening of Wine and Roses 

Valley Verde Garden Bed Distribution, not about wine, but helping since we have a big truck.

Wine Strolls and Marketing events:

We participate in most local wine strolls, from San Jose to Monterey,  donating our time and product to support local merchants, their selected charities and to introduce our wines to new people.The farther away and less wine focused or well supported, the less likely we will be to participate. 

We also will pour our wines at for local organizations, local restaurants, and markets who stock our product.