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Donation Policy: 

Lightheart Cellars is a small family business, and we strive to support our community, which has many other small family businesses in the South County area. We'll usually donate our wines, and our time to present them to local charitable functions that are in broad service to the community. Examples are the Gilroy Garlic Festival Wine Tent run by the Rotarty, or the St. Louise Foundation fundraisers. We will sometimes donate to local causes such as wine strolls, which are setup to encourage traffic at local busineses or occasionally go outside our local area of Gilroy to Morgan Hill, and donate to worthy causes that serve a broader community. We rarely choose to donate out side the Santa Clara County region, or to causes that are serving only narrow constituencies. 

If you would like to ask us to donate, please send us an email, let us know the date, time, and organization that you represent, and what the event is about. We will try to get back to you as quickly as we can. Your odds of a favorable decision are improved if we can understand who benefits from the fundraising, and if there's a likely benefit to us in terms of marketing. 

We have many opportunities to present our wine to the public, and while your cause or event may be special to you, we do have to pick and choose what we can support from limited resources. Please don't be discouraged if we decline. We are asked quite frequently to donate, and we do try to meet the needs of our local charities as a priority.