Sheldon Haynie
December 14, 2011 | Cellaring, Wines | Sheldon Haynie


Cellaring, Barrelling, Topping, call it what you will, its the routine of checking, topping off and adding sulfites to barrels and tanks that goes on through out the year. Jane and I just topped off and added sulfites to 23 barrels and about a dozen carboys ("extra" wine that we use to top off the  barrels,) as the "Angel's Share" evaporates. 

This involves clambering around on the barrels, pouring, pumping and otherwise transferring the few quarts each that are needed to bring the level up to the bung. Not exactly a romantic evening, but a good workout for both of us that gets us in contact with all of our inventory on a routine basis, the better to check on it's progress. We'll be bottling the 2010 Reds and the 2011 Whites this spring, to release over the summer and make way for the 2012 wines, so we will be testing, tasting and evaluating the maturity frequently. 


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