Sheldon Haynie
September 2, 2013 | Harvest, Wines | Sheldon Haynie

Crush 2013

This year we are preparing to crush 40 tons, or about twice what we did last year. We will be also harvesting another 20 tons for other wineries and home wine makers. To give a scope to that number, a ton of wine grapes is about the volume of a long bed pickup. We will pick, sort and destem those grapes, punch down the reds and then press them all into barrels and tanks. 

From our first commercial crush in 2010, where we made a ton each of Chardonnay, Colombard,  Pinot, Merlot and two of Cabernet, we have come a long way. 

Some of the varietals will be blended, but we have a lot more flavors to work with  in the coming vintage. 

Our venerable basket press is no longer in use, with two Spiedel bladder presses, though our original destemmer is still in the plan, along with shovels. We picked up an additional 10 fermenters, to give us the ability to ferment 24 tons concurrently, and we will be punching that down twice a day. Along with the vineyards that we have taken on, we have a barn to work in, where we have a bit more space to do the crush and fermenting. 


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