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October 2, 2012 | Harvest, Other stuff, Vineyards | Sheldon Haynie

Crush and Passport

"Crush" is the term winemakers use for Harvest, Its a very apropos, with connotations of the process and the energy, when the pace of events becomes overwhelming and the wineries are running flat out. 

The pace depends on the weather for the year, if you've had near ideal growing conditions, the Burgundies come in late September, then the Merlot in Early October and the Cabernet and red Rhone's a bit later.

This year we had a bit of a warm spell in late September in the Santa Clara Valley and our Merlot is coming in nearly two weeks ahead of the Carneros Pinot and Chardonnay. With 4 days over 100F, our Syrah is being picked on Thursday 10/4 and we may be all done by 10/15. Compressing all of that picking into only three weeks is daunting when you have a day job. 

Fortunately we have some good help, family and a developing cadre of part time younger neighbors and local pickers. 

When you add in a major industry event the Semi Annual Passport, which is usually safely ahead of major harvest it makes for a very full schedule. 



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