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January 4, 2013 | Vineyards | Sheldon Haynie

Farming again

Toiling in the Vineyards:

We had a brief hiatus, between hilling up the rows of the big vineyards there was Christmas and New Years, when nothing more taxing than viewing the cover crops and rebuilding a disc happened. Now its time to head back out and resume the cycle. Tomorrow we will start weed suppression and pre-pruning at Athena's Vineyard, taking the bulk of the dead canes off with a hedge trimmer and spraying Glyphosate (commercial Round-Up) under the wire to reduce the weed growth. Alex and Derek should be able to just about do the whole vineyard in a day if they move along, there's 8 miles of wire and they would need to walk both sides of it or a 16 mile hike on flat ground while carrying tools. 

The smaller vineyards get their turn next, as we prepare for the pruning later in the winter season to delay budbreak in the spring to when the risk of frost is reduced. We will work every Saturday from here through October, and probably have Joan working some weekdays as well doing tractor work such as more hilling and ripping to reduce compaction. 

Somewhere in there we need to get the Kubotas  over to C & N Tractor for oil changes, lubrication and general check overs and check the mower, tiller and sprayer for wear and tear as well, rebuilding anything that needs it for the upcoming season. 

This year we want to be a bit more pro-active on some of the hand labor chores, so we'll need to work with Miguel and the hombre's to set up for shoot thinning and suckering early and to keep up with the weed suppression on a more aggressive schedule to allow irrigation inspections to be more effective. 

Its becoming a real job. Next month we'll participate in the WIneries of Santa Clara Vineyard Day on February 7th at Sarah's Vineyard after attending the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium. 


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