Sheldon Haynie
November 1, 2013 | Other stuff | Sheldon Haynie

It's a Truck!

This year's harvest and crush have been busy and shown us where we needed help and bigger tools. Coincidently our neighbor Willy Silva is divesting some of his big tools as he retires and leases out his Feed store on Santa Theresa. We had agreed to buy an old TCM forklift which is mid '80's vintage and we stopped in to finalize the deal with Willy, when we got to talking about his multiple trucks. Willy showed us that he had a 1995 C3500HD 16' flatbed which he had just put a new 454 motor into, that he was selling for basically the price of the motor. Jane lit up at the opportunity to buy a > $40k truck for a very reasonable price.

We've brought it home, and will be using it for moving wine and grapes in the coming years, so that our '06 Silverado 1500 can get a rest. With a payload of 8000 lbs the flatbed will be able to move 4x the load of the pickup, and save us time and fuel. 

As we finish the pressing this weekend, we'll take a few days off, and then clean up the truck and forklift, get them outfitted with current safety gear including work lights and paint them to preserve our investment and show our Logo. Look for the Flatbed to be parked at the corner of Roosevelt and Monterey on weekends we are open, it's a great platform to hang a banner on. 




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