Sheldon Haynie
January 10, 2013 | Lighthearted , Vineyards | Sheldon Haynie

Lighthearted Farming ( Even When Deeply Mired)

Farming is generally considered hard work, at least by those who have done it. Even in the 21st century there is a need for some physical strength to do the regular parts of the job. And then there is the more extreme requirements, such as when you have a tractor sunk out in a field.

Such has been our misfortune twice so far in the last weeks, as first the Kubota BX2660 tractor was dug in while using the hilling disc.



And then the RTV Utility Vehicle was stuck up to the axles while Joan was taking a census of missing vines.

At least we're getting better at extracting them, investing in a "farm jack" and a 4000 pound pull come along as Joan is using here, to pull the 1500 lb RTV out of the hole it had dug.

One would think that after the first time we would have learned, after all it was the same vineyard, albeit at opposite sides, and with different operators. However this vineyard has a variable clay strata that traps water and the gound does not necessarily show the saturation until you are sinking in. Once we get a bit drier, we'll take our new Ripping shanks and try to break through the clay, or if that's not deep enough, the hydraulic Auger to drill "drains" where we had pooling.

In between the two events, we actually had some time to be "Lighthearted" and restored a pre-World War II disc that may have been animal powered to working shape, and painted it our Logo Pink, just because we could.

If we manage to stick the disc, at least it will look prettier when we have to dig it out.


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