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October 14, 2012 | Harvest | Sheldon Haynie

Over the hump: only 7 more tons

Its 0530 on a Sunday Morning, do you know where your pick crew has been?

Hopefully our has been sleeping instead of patronizing "el Pato Loco" the neighborhood dive. We will be picking out the last of the Soli Deo Gloria Cabernet Sauvignon at 0700 today and then returning to Athena's Vineyard to pick Cabernet Franc. Yesterday they got 3 tons for 7 guys, better than the Friday 2 tons for 5 and not as good as two week ago's 2.5 tons for 4. 

There's many a lesson in sociology in a field crew; who picks across from who, which teams are faster, which teams are not. How the peer pressure motivates both a minimum of hard work, and diminishes the standout who would show up the rest.  The guys will have cumbia music playing on a blackberry, and work steadily down the rows, moving "el Kubota" as needed to place the bin into which they are dumping their 5 gal pails.

The location of "el Kubota" our RTV 900 utiliby vehicle, and who drives it are fascinating as well, there's a definite pecking order of who operates machinery and who does not, who gets a long walk and who gets a short one. 

After the Cab Franc there's only the Colombard, currently just about 21 Brix and slowly ripening. We hope to pick that in about 2 more weeks. and close out Crush12. It's been an education and a lot of work, but well worth it. 


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