Sheldon Haynie
December 9, 2012 | Vineyards | Sheldon Haynie

Tractor Surfing

Today was the first outing with the hilling disc. The purpose is to throw dirt under the trellis wire, to suppress weeds before they grow. Since the disc is offset to the side it exerts torque on the tractor, causing it to crab slightly sideways. 

The other fun part of using a hilling disc, is that it is dynamic, not static. The faster you drive, the better it works, splashing dirt farther at higher speed. So there is your challenge, drive at speed, slightly twisted with the tractor no longer fitting between the vines, unless you put the loader up over them. 

The only sensations that I can recall being similar were snow plowing in New Hampshire, and surfing Lioness on a big wave off Gloucester MA. Mass moving at speed on the edge of control. 


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