Sheldon Haynie
February 11, 2013 | Sheldon Haynie

Regional enthusiasm

There's a decision to be made between working on your individual goals, or community ones. Games theory and skepticism will tell you that one personal optimum is to allow others to do the community work, and to free-ride on it. An alternate view is that to invest some portion of your time in community work, create value and gain respect is actually preferred, as the intangible values are not trivial, as long as you have enough resources to do your own work as well. Depending on the people you are working with, there may be more or less community spirit vs individual focus.

I've seen this in several organizations and the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley are not really different. Everyone wants the organization to succeed, preferably at minimum cost to themselves. This leads to some interesting discussions where you get positive feedback for your sacrifice, yet those giving the feedback are curiously not inspired to reciprocate.

And yet this week, perhaps we did better than that all to often result of just a few working hard to support the rest. Our Vineyard and Barrel tasting days were the result of a few people making efforts and sacrifices to put on good events. Both were very well attended, and generated enthusiasm in the membership, which has a value all its own, "political capital" is one descriptor.

We will see if this can be converted to real change, with increasing involvement and improvements as more people start to paddle together as the tide rises to mangle a few metaphors.



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