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Patty Lev
May 28, 2015 | Patty Lev

Never Stop Growing

Never Stop Growing…

Last week, Sheldon and I walked through the Chiarla Vineyard checking on the drip emitters and the valves to make sure there were any leaks. However, as we walked through the vineyard, I noticed that in the western block of the vineyard there was a leak.  What was supposed to be a relatively easy day, turned into an excellent learning opportunity.

The leak was caused from there being too much stress on the pipes, which consequently caused them to burst from the weather.

One trip to ACE hardware store later, the repair work began out in the vineyard. I figured with enough supplies for three attempts, Chris and I could engineer the best solution. Part of the charm of working for Lightheart Cellars is the opportunity to have more hands-on experience. And, well, this was definitely hands-on…and very muddy

Chris joined me shortly after, and we began to get to work.  He dug a 2 feet deep trench. But, we encountered another issue and that was the unevenness of the pipes to be joined together. Chris and I aimed to fabricate a unit that would be able to combat the potential issue of the unit freezing and breaking only to be replaced again.  After three failed attempts to create a successful unit, we called it a day.

However, a consultation with Sheldon the following morning, along with another trip to ACE, Chris and I made a 4th attempt to solve the issue. The final result proved to work well, and now Chris and I both have the ability to fix this issue in case we encounter it again…which is more than likely.

This project was the first time that Chris and I worked together, and it stressed the importance of communication and teamwork. And, while it was quite frustrating since our initial game plans were not working, it made us think outside the box. At the end of the day, while this was a very dirty project, that didn’t go exactly as planned, it gives us a better appreciation for the final product, which is the wine.


Time Posted: May 28, 2015 at 2:33 PM