Journey: Thoughts and Reflections along the path. 

Sheldon Haynie
January 7, 2015 | Sheldon Haynie

New Year and New Things

2014 was a good year, we grew, learned and enjoyed ourselves. Looking into 2015, we have stable acreage, a more skilled and experienced crew, with some better tools to make it all more feasible. We had a good visit with some neighbors from the intersection of Colony and California, where they want to establish a winery, and there's also interest in setting one up at the intersection of California and Monterey, where the BBQ truck is at the Christmas tree farm. It would be great to have more wineries in the neighborhood, to attract more traffic to our branch of the wine trail. Our neighbors the Englehardt's are going to open "Lion Ranch" at the intersection of San Martin and Santa Theresa soon, their construction is nearly done.  Four wineries in two blocks will be a big change from a few years back. 

We had a bit of a family holiday in January, Jane visited Virginia to hug here grandson Cameron, and then Madelyn Bree my granddaughter, Carl my son and his wife Katie came to visit. Carl helped to fix the tractor's shift linkage, and Katie and he enjoyed visiting our neighboring wineries to get a sense of the business, before returning to central Maine. 

The last week of January, Jane and I attended the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento. We sat through the technical and marketing sessions, and roamed the large trade show, which is always an eye opener. Jane found a new digital refractometer, and ph Meter and I found an ozone generator that was under $500, which will allow us to do a better job of cleaning our barrels. Joan and Noah,  our cellar and Mead crew found some pewter medallions that caught their eye, and may feature them on new bottles. 

We bought a "samurai saber" cutter from a company in Winnipeg, and have modified it to allow efficient pre-pruning, which beats carrying a hedge trimmer for miles and miles. Pruning started Superbowl weekend, and will continue through February, as we try to set a budbreak that is likely to be after the last frost. Hopefully the "Pineapple Express" comes to town and stays for a while, reprising the December visit. 

Cellaring activities are ongoing with topping, racking and the start of fining trials to determine the best treatment to clarify our white and rose wines. 

Events this spring include Barrel Tasting, Passport and many wine walks. 



Time Posted: Jan 7, 2015 at 7:51 PM