Journey: Thoughts and Reflections along the path. 

Sheldon Haynie
March 25, 2012 | Sheldon Haynie

Sometimes you get a win

The first day of passport we had dire forecasts, initially for the night before and all day of rain. While rain is welcome and much needed, it would be preferable to not have it during the celebration. Our bands were worried, as we have outside tasting, and we assured them we would leave cancellation to their discretion. 

We did our best buying addtional canopies, and Saturday dawned dry, but overcast. We put up the canopies, tied them together and then the band cancelled while I was out mowing vineyards and moving the tractor between. It seemed a bit odd, because at that moment I had removed jacket and was standing in bright sun. 

Returning home, the preparations were underway, and there were actually people waiting in their cars for 1100 opening. Chef Eichelberger was working his magic in the kitchen, Joan Funk of Sweetzbydesign was making chocolates with our Cabernet and all went well. 

We did a brisk business, and then received word that the band was un-cancelling, followed shortly by their arrival and two great sets, between 1 and 4, when it finally did start to sprinkle.

Many compliments on the wines, the food, music and people were having a great time.

We closed the day out with the 4:30 pm arrival of a 20 passenger excursion limo, full of NASA folks who were gracious, erudite and had an appreciation for the Mead sample that Noah had brought out. Who knew that "Rocket Scientists" were the market for that ?  

A great day. We had dinner at Rosy's to celebrate and got a bonus of 1/2 in of rain between dinner and dawn Sunday. 

Sheldon Haynie
March 23, 2012 | Sheldon Haynie

Passport Weekend

The Wineries of Santa Clara Valley's passport weekend is upon us. We've been busy getting ready for crowds, lining up bands and refreshments. The weather forecast's a bit dicey, but we'll have fun regardless. 


Stop by and celebrate with us. 



Sheldon Haynie
March 5, 2012 | Sheldon Haynie


A long weekend communing with the tractor, from first sitting on the frost to load it at 645 Saturday morning, to loading back out Sunday afternoon, 8 hrs of riding the mighty BX2660 across the bumps, potholes and occasionally flat sections of Athena's vineyard. 

The task was to mow the vineyard and flail shred the prunings, so that they can be tilled in. Its amazingly cold at 8 mph in the shade, with the only sound that of the diesel and the whir of the mower. Remniscent of New England mornings with the snowblower, a task long since behind me. Time for reflection, if not for the simple need to hang on, and fend off the vines which had not yet been pruned. 

Later Sunday, while spraying under the wire to suppress weeds, I found the first buds just opening from the Merlot I had pruned back in January. We will probably get some frost damage, but it's a chance to see how much, and assess what the schedule for next year should be. The last 4 acres are being done this week, so we've split the risk, between early pruning with frost hazard, and late pruning with ripeness risk. Hopefully we'll get two harvests, allowing us to spread the load at crush.