Journey: Thoughts and Reflections along the path. 

Sheldon Haynie
March 11, 2016 | Sheldon Haynie

Good wines, Good Times, Good Friends, Good Bye...

Lightheart Cellars has been a journey, as the title of this blog suggests, and all journeys have a start, and eventually an end. Late last year, Jane and I decided that we were ready to wind up the winery and move on to other challenges, that did not require as much time and effort as this one has. We notified our vineyard management customers December 1st that we would no longer be doing vineyards or custom winemaking, and told our staff in February that we had a target of closing on April 2nd. 

As with most journeys there are significant moments, things you learned, prices you paid and memories you will keep as well as the people you met along the way. We have all of those, and some minor scars as well, as any great experience involving Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat should leave. After working essentially two full time jobs for the last 6 plus years, we've certainly accumulated them. With young grandchildren and awareness of our own increasing age, we are choosing to "spend more time with our family" to cite the oft used phrase given to explain a resignation. In this case its truth, as we are also remodeling and selling our home, and downsizing to a townhouse in Morgan Hill to enable us to have time for "Lioness" and the soon to be 4 younger grandkids, and traveling to visit the East Coast. 

We owe appreciation and thanks to our staff, our vendors, suppliers, colleagues and competitors and most of all our customers. 


We will be open the weekends of March and on Saturday April 2nd, we will wrap it up with a bang, smiling all the way. 

We wish you and yours adventures, smooth sailing and just enough wind to keep it interesting, and we'll see you among the vines of the Santa Clara Valley. 




Time Posted: Mar 11, 2016 at 1:28 PM