Journey: Thoughts and Reflections along the path. 

Sheldon Haynie
June 27, 2012 | Sheldon Haynie

More construction fun at Lightheart Cellars

Jane and I have been working at continuous improvement, we're making better wines, raising better grapes and have put a lot of time and resources into making a visit to Lightheart Cellars more enjoyable. 

Most recently, we've built a shade cover for our patio, and are currently re-grading the parking area, to clean up from where the old tasting tent had been for the last 8 months. The appearance is much improved and we've recovered many parking spaces for customers to use. 

Our Estate irrigation project is getting near completion, and we're discussing what the wiring and other utility plans are for our new bar. The trenches will be filled in soon and landscaping completed. 

Sheldon Haynie
June 11, 2012 | Sheldon Haynie

One year goes quickly

Its been nearly a year since Lightheart Cellars opened quietly on June 18th, 2011 with 160 cases of inventory. We simply put out signs on Monterey Highway and waited for the crowds. The steady business since has been gratifying, some weekends more than others as weather and calendar progressed. Participating in the Gilroy Garlic Festival, Morgan Hill Wine Stroll and getting more requests for donations, we are feeling like we have arrived. 

PHysically we have gone from tasting in a 10x12 canopy, to a 10x20 fabric enclosure over the winter and now have a 50x25' stamped concrete patio, where we are building a 16x20 hard shade structure over the bar this week to get ready for the anniversary and Pinot Release party. This year we've bottled 380 cases, added Alderin's Mead to our offerings and have expanded our vineyard management from 1 1/2 to 13 1/2 acres. Thats a lot of growth to manage and we've been working hard to keep up with it. 

Jane and I took three weeks off in May to visit vineyards and wineries in Europe, partly as a long overdue vacation, and partly to see how the "old world" vineyards are run with the same varietals we have. It was very interesting, and we've some ideas of what we want to do in our practice. Coming home to  the winery running smoothly by Jane's son Noah and his friend Joan was gratifying. 

We are looking forward to releasing more wines this year, harvesting a lot more grapes, and to building our brand and business, further serving our community.