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Sheldon Haynie
June 12, 2013 | Sheldon Haynie

Dads, Grads and stacks of cases

Its that time of year, Father's day, Graduations, summer vacations and bottling. We'll happily attend your celebrations, just stop by the winery and take us along vicariously.

We've just finished putting our 2012 Chardonnay and Colombard into bottles and have about 20 cases of our inaugural white blend from Mai-Coop Vineyard. The white blend, provisionally titled "Let there be White" is a fruity fun libation, perfect for a relaxed tipple.

Jane's Rose derived from our Athena's Vineyard Merlot, came through brilliantly, bottled in Flint (clear) glass it's color is remniscent of the wines we enjoyed last year in Provence, and it will be going fast when released. There are about 15 cases after futures.

Our Merlot Cab Franc Field Blend (Working title "Hearts Delight") is robust and crisp and we'll be releasing in later July as it comes out of bottle shock. This wine was a bit serendipitous, the blend a result of two short rows of Cab Franc in the Merlot vineyard. We'll definitely make it again.

The Mazotti Family Vineyards Merlot Zinfandel blend that was our first (non-commercial) barrel returns as well, the Zinfandel giving the Merlot base just a hint of spice and pepper.

Noah and Joan, our meadmakers, have bottled their Strawberry Mead, a lovely rose gold hue and the 20 cases will fly out the door, so come quickly when it's released. They've also bottled another few cases of Simple Pleasures and are seeking a source for a ton of honey (literally).

The Cabernet, Merlot and Petit Sirah are all that is left to be done, a mere 225 cases or so.

We hope to have those in release by August.

Time Posted: Jun 12, 2013 at 8:15 AM