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Sheldon Haynie
August 25, 2012 | Sheldon Haynie

First Private Tasting

We were asked yesterday if we would be open for tasting for a Bachelorette party. It's not our normal weekend to be open, but the thought of enertaining 9 women bent on having a bit of fun seemed much more attractive than continuing to clean up the workshop, or put up flash tape in another vineyard, so I agreed. 

This seems to have snowballed a bit; there's now flowers per Jane's suggestion, along with cheese and sliced meats from Rocca's Market and Noah will be coming to assist pour, as it seems its more interesting to him than working on his '67 Karman Ghia. We'll see how it all transpires, we'll be open to the general public as well, since we are going to be opening 5 bottles of wine. 

Stop by and see how we fared. 

It was a great time, the ladies arrived in a decorated van complete with supposedly anatomically correct illustrations to educate the bride. The jokes were ribald, the salami even though slided a particular hit as were any other phallic objects such as a baguette. The wine was appreciated and the ladies went on their way promising to return with husbands/fiance et al. 

Jane and I discussed that this might be a niche for us, hosting small events in the 10-50 people range, such as showers, and bachelor(ette) parties when the county ordinance proceedure grinds to completion. 

Sheldon Haynie
August 19, 2012 | Sheldon Haynie

First awards

Yesterday Jane and I attended the "Grape and Gourmet" event at the California Expo Fairgrounds. (State fair by any other name). We picked up our first two awards; a Gold for the Carneros Pinot and a Bronze for the Cienega Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, and then poured for the attendees. 

An interesting event, mix of 200 wineries and Sacramento restaurants in a large concrete floored exhibition hall. We learned a lot about what to bring to the next event of this type, and had good reception of our wines, though being 150 miles away, its unlikely we'll see much business. 

Sheldon Haynie
August 2, 2012 | Sheldon Haynie

Picking and choosing charitable opportunities

Lightheart Cellars is asked to participate in many charity and fundraising events. I differntiate because there are charities and there is fundraising that may or may not go to a charity. At this point we are getting more than an invitation a week, and its time to develop a policy. Here's what we have come up with: 

If your event is sponsored by a recognizable local charity or service organization; for example the the Rotary club or the St. Louise Hospital Foundation you will likely get our support.  Local is based on distance from San Martin, so if you are a great organization, but you are based in Redwood City, you rank lower. If you are local but your event is more about fundraising for your merchant association, special interest group or a private charity such as a scholarship for the best young participant in your special interest group, you rank lower. If your event wishes to include wine as an inducement to participate, instead of featuring wine as the raison d 'etere you rank lower. 

We are busy people, with day jobs, a startup business and farming to do, so our time is limited. We can possibly donate wine, but please understand if we have to drive to drop it off, or drive to pour we are investing our time as well as donating profit and costs. 

If you can show us a value proposition, for our time and resources, you will rank higher. Link us on your website, print our correctly spelled name in your brochure and let us know where we will be pouring, what the parking, setup and other useful details will be. Find a local vendor who might carry our wine, if only for the day, so we can refer interested parties who wish to buy. 

We would like to help as many of the most needy as we can. If we don't select your event, please understand we are limited, and that perhaps in the future we will have more resources. 

Time Posted: Aug 2, 2012 at 10:17 PM