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Sheldon Haynie
October 5, 2014 | Sheldon Haynie

Mid Harvest Update

Its been a busy season, with harvesting completed in three vineyards, and Petite Sirah, Colombard, Mourvedre, Rousanne left to go. 

We've had great support from our permanent part time staff: Joan, Alex, and Chris, our intern Filipe and of course the field crew Miguel, Lassndro, Valentine, Dino and Victoria. Having a woman join the field crew has been an experience, the bright pink and purple colors standing out in the vines, and her good english skills facilitating better communication. Instead of pidgin and pointing, she translates and there's feedback beyond the nodding and "si senor" of old. 

The harvest has been less focused due to irrigation spreading out the ripening, with our first pick on Sept 6th and our last probably coming in mid October. Choices made in the early part of the year show up as the pruning, shoot thinning and watering decisions play against the late heat and short water.  The destemming which last year was a major effort has this year been dramatically improved with our new Jolly 35 Destemmer and a forklift with bin tipper. Two people can destem a 1000 lbs in about 10 minutes.  

Pressing continues to be our bottle neck with the two vertical bladders cycling roughly once an hour with manual loading and unloading. We are looking into higher capacity automated units for next year. 



Time Posted: Oct 5, 2014 at 9:57 AM