Jane Mika-Haynie
October 12, 2012 | Jane Mika-Haynie

2012 Crush

Yesterday, we got our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Carneros- we received the fruit all at once and processed 4 tons with steady rain running down our backs for a good part of the afternoon. Today, the fruit will come in slower, and we will be shuffling fermenters- the first 3 Merlot fermentations from 2 weeks ago are ready to go into barrels, the barrels are prepped and ready, and the ibuprofen is flowing freely.

We hope to have 20-25 tons at the end of this year's crush. It becomes a logistical puzzle transferring grapes to pick bins, to fermenters, then to barrels. When we receive grapes all at once, like yesterday, the urgency to process is palpable. Once the grapes are picked, you want to get them crushed and away from oxygen as quickly as possible. 

So, yesterday was a 12 hour day for me, starting at 7am. Today, the pick crew has left for the vineyard at 7, and the crush pad crew will be showing up at 8. Today the fruit will come one pick bin at a time, and we can complete other tasks in between, which for me is record keeping of the crush, how many tons of fruit to how many gallons of juice, how much yeast and yeast food, etc. 

It is a yearly cycle, and it feels good to be part of this wondrous (and physically demanding) winemaking experience.


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