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September 15, 2012 | Harvest, Vineyards | Sheldon Haynie

Backup plan

Both Jane and I have "day jobs" which provide the bulk of our income and underwrite Lightheart Cellars establishment and expansion at a rate that exceeds our organically available funding. From time to time they take precedence. Such was the case last week, when I needed to be in Dallas for four days. On the weekend prior, we had toured the vineyards and taken samples, and Jane had noted the bird pressure was higher in the two big ones that she was comfortable with. 

So we ordered more nets from Nancy Sweet at in Gonzales. Nancy is a great person to deal with, as you can call her mobile on a Sunday, and she dropped the nets off Monday morning, while I was sitting in the Los Angeles Airport. I figured that I would be putting them on when I returned. Jane had a better idea.She decided that she would take a vacation day, and put them on with the help of our field crew, who had been finishing up the posts at Soli Deo Gloria. But there were a few problems. 

The guys dropped the truck off and told Jane that there was a flat tire on the RTV, the Kubota utility vehicle we use for netting. Following a few rounds of text and phone calls, Jane determined that she could take the truck to get the tire fixed on Tuesday, After visiting 4 tire places she was eventually able to get it patched and out into the fields to put nets on the Petit Syrah. We will cover the Cabernet today, and net some of the Cab Franc as well. 

Its great to have a partner who can overcome the problems and carryon in your absence. 

We've ordered a spare to avoid the hassles in the future, and picked up a replacement battery for the truck to avoid hassles during harvest. 


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