Sheldon Haynie
November 4, 2012 | Sheldon Haynie

Back to farming

Agriculture is cyclical, the seasons require different activities in their turn. We are now post harvest and it's time to put the vineyards to rest for the winter, to build up the soil fertility for next year's harvest.

Now that we have had a few light rains to soften the soil, we're tilling and seeding cover crops, this year a mixture of mustard and two clovers; Berseem and Crimson, selected to match seed sizes and give a good nitrogen fix and organic mass when we till them in come May. 

So today starts after the clock reset a bit earlierby clock, though similar by sun, and will involve a bit of Dawn's early welding to repair a pin harrow, home made last year that will stir the seed after seeding. 

We are working in the Soli Deo Gloria Vineyard and will finish it with a border of low profile habitat flower mix, to provide for lady beetles and other aphid/mite predators and also give a nice aesthetic. 


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