Lightheart Cellars

OPEN this weekend from Noon to 5

ALSO open next weekend, August 23 & 24 from noon to 5 for the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail kick-off celebration!

The Santa Clara Wine Trail is here, so let's have a party! Thanks to the efforts of the Cities of Gilroy, Morgan Hill and Santa Clara County and the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley we're going to enjoy wayfinding signs along a loop from Cochrane Ave to Butterfield Blvd, branching at Monterey Rd & Watsonville Rd, then across Hecker Pass Road to the East side up New and Hill.

August 22 will be the official kick-off of the wine trail with festivities at several wineries, and there will be a special wine tasting weekend August 23 & 24. Tickets are now available at participating wineries for $40, which includes tasting & something special to do at each winery.  Lightheart Cellars will be open that weekend to participate and we will be featuring the HackJammers on Saturday August 23 on our newly rebuilt stage. 

The event is already bringing a lot of new media attention to the region!

Cellar News

We have begun our 2014 bottling, with Syrah, Cabernet and Let There Be White, and are continuing bottling Friday with Delight, Mertot, Petit Sirah & Cabernet Franc. Our bottling is done by hand with a small crew so it takes several days to get the wine in bottles. Over the next few weeks, we hope to get the rest of wine out of the barrels and get the barrels ready for CRUSH. After a period of time, when the wine has gotten over the shock of bottling (bottle shock), we will release the wines.

Vineyard News

Alex and Chris have been busy putting up nets, fixing irrigation and mowing to prepare for harvest. As of Wednesday we took our first Brix readings and everything was in the 15-19 range. That suggests harvest in 2-4 weeks weather depending. We'll be monitoring on a more frequent basis as the grapes ripen.


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