Lightheart Cellars

Greetings Wine Lovers!

We are so excited, and we know you are too, for it is finally raining!!  Real, wet, ground-soaking rain (as opposed to "heavily misting")!!!  And Ma Nature was even kind enough to wait until all the grapes were in and the heavy lifting finished for the time being.  

Rain or shine, we will be OPEN this weekend!  Please come join us for some tasting...and of course for the FUN part of holiday shopping!  We are now on winter hours, so we'll be here from 12-4.  Our wines are also available online or by appointment.

And speaking of Chirstmas shopping, we have a couple of excellent specials!

The first is for the Burgandy lovers...1 bottle each of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for $50.  That's like buying the Pinot Noir, and getting the Chardonnay for only $5!

Next is the Bordeaux Gift Set: one bottle each of 2011 Eroika, Delight, Lioness, and Merlot for $100!  

And finally, until Christmas, we will be shipping anywhere within California for a penny!

For something a little different, don't forget our Winter Celebration mead!  It's infused with mulling spices, and is extra-cozy when serverd warm!

If you are looking for vines to make wreaths out of, we can hook you up.  Stop by for tasting an let us know.

Vineyard News: 
The three bigger/hilly vineyards where we had water problems, were ripped and hilled in preparations for the rains, so that it percolates in and does not run off. While we are inside, enjoying the rain, we are doing our end of year reporting to County,State and Federal agencies. As the soil is dry enough to support the tractor again, we will be out tilling, and selectively seeding cover crop to replenish nutrients. Annual irrigation flushing, winterization and pre-pruning will occur during the colder months, and we'll be fine pruning starting around Groundhog Day for the new year's growth.

Cellar News: 
We're finishing up Malo-lactic fermentation and barreling down for primary aging. This year we had to learn about Borer Beetles and do the work to eliminate them in some barrels which had been their targets. This necessitated baking at over 140 degrees and then using spiles and wedges to fill the holes they left. Joan has restored nearly 20 barrels so far and has a few more to go. It's painstaking detail work with a hammer, chasing down the minute leaks. 





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