Lightheart Cellars

 We are approaching our 3rd anniversary of being open, the old tasting tent has long since been retired. Thinking back on that first Saturday when we put out our signs and the first customers found their way to 305 Roosevelt, its been quite a journey. From only 150 cases for that year, we'll be bottling about 10 times that this summer, and we will have 15 wines and 3 meads to offer up from the original 4 we opened with. 


We will be at the Minetta Transportation Institute's Graduation ceremony at SJSU for the third year, a chance to support a local school and hear some interesting speakers. The Santana Row Fundraiser will have Joan Funk at the Sleep Shop, and 

Vineyard Views:

The warmer weather has the vines shooting up, and we are concetrating on irrigation maintenance and spraying. Leaks divert water from the vines that need them and we are very conscious of the drought and need to conserve. Thats why we irrigate in the early mornings, after dawn, so we can see any problems and deal with them promptly. 

Cellar News:

We've found a new label printing company in Gilroy and have ordered tooling, so we'll be ordering our labels this week, just as soon as we have a final count. That means we will be bottling in the next month or so, and all the futures will be available soon after. Final details on the Cabernet and Tuscan blends will be decided this weekend. If you stop by, you might get to help with the assessment. 

Lightheart Cellars
305 Roosevelt Ave, San Martin, CA, 95046
tel: 408 475 8463