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We are open this weekend!

It goes without mention, but it's been a HOT couple of days!  Fear not, temperatures should be back to comfortable this weekend, so if you have cabin fever from seeking AC this week, come on down!  

This weather has also been a great reminder/excuse to get some light summer wines!  We are down to our last few cases of our "Let there Be White" blend.  The crispness of the mix makes it nicely refreshing.  We also have our 2011 Chardonnay on special, 20% off bottles and 30% off cases!

Or perhaps the summer heat is a reason to broaden your wine tastes, and try a rosé!  Our "Enchanté" rosé of Merlot, or "Serendipity" rosé of Zinfandel are sure to please!

We've been out shoot thinning and suckering, a process of removing the excess canes which propagate between pruning spurs and from the trunk. This frees up the vine to concentrate its energy on the fewer canes which will bear fruit, and reduces vegetal flavor from imbalances in canopy and roots. With the pre-existing drought and current heat wave our strategy has been to minimally irrigate and thereby to keep the canes shorter and by aggressive thinning, fewer than in past years, to reduce the need for water. 
The field crews have been putting in about 20 hrs an acre; two guys squatting and kneeling to remove suckers using small shovels and rubber palm gloves, and two doing the standup shoot thinning. Alex and Chris, who did some guest pouring at Passport have been weed whacking the vineyard where we follow organic practices, and that's about an additional 16 hours an acre, with commercial grade trimmers. 

We've fined the whites, and are pumping back through filter to complete aging before bottling, Jane is selecting oaks to give finishing touches to the Chardonnay, Colombard, Let There Be White and four others that we are making for a client. 

Out & About

We will be pouring at the Los Gatos Wine Walk this Saturday, May 17!  We'll be at the Black Cat Hats patio from 1:30-5:30.  If you are out that way, we would love to see you!



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