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Vineyard Views
by Sheldon Haynie

Pruning is nearly complete, only three rows left in Mai-Coop vineyard as of this writing. We timed it to be intentionally as late as we could, to delay budbreak and thus frost risk. With the low rainfall we made the decision to prune more aggressively to reduce canopy growth, and will manage irrigation sparingly to keep it small. Next up will be first mildew, mealybug and foliar fertilzer sprays and we'll be looking at mowing the cover crop when it's had a chance to actually grow a bit. .

Cellar News: 
by Jane Mika-Haynie
This is a quiet time in the cellar, the wines are aging and we are topping and tasting to check on them. Whites are getting their exposure to oak and we'll be fining and racking soon. 

Mead Musings:

By Joan Funk

Spring is in the air, and soon so the bees will be as well!!  That means we shall soon have more mead making in store! We are looking into expanding our current offerings and adding in a couple of new flavors! We are looking forward to tasting our newest batch of Strawberry Mead to see how it compares to what we currently have in stock. Check us out at Passport, we may have some samples of our infusions to share with you all.What do you think about trying our Garlic Mead? Or our Capsumel? 

Open Tasting 3/15 & 16

South Valley Wine Auction 3/22

WSCV Passport 3/29 & 30 

Morgan Hill Wine Stroll April 26

South Valley Sumphony May 11

Los Gatos Wine Walk May 17

Wineclub Pickup 

Our Spring Shipment will be ready to pickup Saturday. This season we are featuring 2011 "Lioness" and our 2012 "Serendipity."

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