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Greetings Wine Lovers!

New Releases:

We have some exciting new releases for you this weekend.  Not just new vintages, but new-to-Lightheart wines!

The first is our Dijon Clone Pinot Noir.  Also from Thomson's Vineyard in Carneros this Pinot Noir has been a long time coming!! Needing a bit more aging than its cousin the Martini Clone, its spicy notes accentuate the smooth glide across the palate. Although it comes from the same vineyard as our current Pinot Noir, it's a different type of vine (so yes, we will have two different Pinot Noirs this year).  This wine has everything you've come to expect from a high-quality Pinot Noir-smooth, earthy, and rich.  

We're also pretty excited about "Heartfelt," our first-ever Petit Sirah.  Heartfelt comes from the Soli del Gloria vineyard, located in the west Gilroy hills.  Due to it's small grapes (that's the "petit"), the skin-to-juice ratio in Petit Sirah is quite high, resulting in more skin contact, meaning more tannins.  While Petit Sirah can be quite strong due to this, ours is silky smooth while retaining it's intense flavor. The gentler climate of the side valley gives the vines a longer time to ripen before sugar and acid force harvesting. This wine develops its nose in the glass and benefits from breathing. 

Future releases are coming on our 2012 Tuscan blend "Fascino", 2012 Sangiovese as well as 2012 Cabernet, Merlot, Delight and Lioness. Our 2013 Chardonnay and Colombard will be unoaked for contrast and available later this fall. 

Out and About- New Placements:

You can now find our wines at the following locations:

The Toll House Hotel in Los Gatos

Bella Viva Ristorante in Gilroy

Habana Cuba Restaurant in San Jose


October 4th & 5th Open for Tasting, Release of Dijon Clone Pinot Noir, and "Heartfelt" Petite Sirah

October 5th: Pouring at Chaine des Rotisseurs Banquet at Guglielmo Winery

October 12th San Benito Olive Festival

October 18th & 19th Open for tasting, see next newsletter for new releases!

October 18th Saint Louise Hospital benefit "Autumn in Provence"

November 1st & 2nd Open for tasting (MORE NEW RELEASES!!)

November 7th Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust "Evening of Wine and Roses"

November 8th and 9th Santa Clara Wineries Passport Weekend!!! We will have the Hackjammers on Saturday and the Dan Goghs on Sunday!!

Wine Club Pickup:

Our 2012 Cabernet Franc from Athena's Vineyard of North East Gilroy  has the power of the franc cross manifesting with the smoothness of the Cabernet. 100% varietal this wine has depth and power. One of our best wines so far according to our sales rep, and gaining fans when ever we've poured it. 

The 2012 Syrah from Campero vineyard of South East Gilroy is intense and dark, with deep soft tannins, perfect to pair with chocolates. Released in September, it won accolades at industry mixers from our peers. 

Vineyard & Cellar News: 

Harvest continues, we've picked most of our Merlot and Cabernet, and half of our Rhone Varietals, with Colombard ripening slowly in the trail postion. While its been a challenging year due to irrigation issues in a few vineyards, our Petite Sirah crop appears to be very abundant in both vineyards, and the fruit is intense due to short water. Let There Be White incorporated a bit of Moscato this year and a also grape with a notable aroma from the Coop vineyard, that we still don't have an identify for. We've picked up a 7th vineyard on Foothill Ave in East San Martin, and will be curious to see how it's Merlot and Cabernet compare to the Athena and Soli Deo Gloria vines.

All of our 1000 cases are finally bottled, and Maria is labeling them as fast as she can to prepare for releases. We will be featuring some of our new releases through the fall and reserving some of our older vintages for the library to allow further aging. Look for vertical flights in the spring. 


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