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We know you've heard it before but we'll say it anyway...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Yes, it's finally New Years, meaning, as much fun as the holidays are, they are once again behind us, and we can all return to sanity.  So why not treat yourself to a little relax time this weekend and come see us?  We'll be open from 12-4 both Saturday and Sunday.  

Wine of the Month

This January, our wine of the month is the 2013 "Let There Be White."  This wine sums up what "Lightheart" is all about...being light-hearted, as in, there's an overload of overly serious wines out there; we prefer the light-hearted approach.  We like to call this our mystery wine.  We know it's got some Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay from our little vineyard behind you while you taste, but beyond that, we just don't know...and we like it that way.  There's at least 3 white varietals in the randomly planted (by several property owners ago) Mai-Coop vineyard nearby.  And yes, there's lab tests out there that could tell us just what those varietals are, but since the blend tastes good anyway, it would take all the fun out to do that.  So chill-lax and Let There Be White!  As wine of the month, all bottles are 10% off.

Wine Club

If you like a few of our wines, we invite you to take a few bottles home.  If you like them all, we mention our wine club.  If you've found yourself not (yet) joining but visiting a few times, you might be considering.  Might we say there's no time like the present...especially if you really enjoy our 2011 Merlot, Lioness, Chardonnay, Colombard, or Pinot Noir?  Throughout January, we are offering 50% off cases of these 5 wines to club members.  So if you have been pondering joining, there is no time like the present!

Vineyard Views: 
We are tilling and spraying for weeds in the vineyards now that the much appreciated rains have had a week to soak in, using one pass on the tractor to minimize fuel and impact. 
Seeding of cover crop will be this weekend in selected vineyards. Pre-pruning will start soon after and this year we've invested in a Samurai Saber Cutter, ( to reduce labor requirements and let us get the work done quicker. 

Cellar News: 
Racking & Fining continue, as we settle the 2014's into primary aging, and we'll file the many county/state/federal end of year reports and tax returns associated with alcohol. 


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