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No special events for October but we will be open every weekend. Mark your calendars for November 7 & 8, we will be participating in the Wineries of Santa Clara Passport event. We will have the Hackjammers on Saturday and the Dan Goghs on Sunday. Tickets will be available at all participating wineries for $35.

The wine of the month for October is 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Vineyard Views: 

We are done with harvest, and we had a very low yield year due to some drought issues. Fortunately we have plenty of inventory. Now we're letting the vines have a chance to replenish for the next year and hoping that El Nino gives us full acquifers. 

Cellar News

Bottling has gone slowly, we've suspended it to focus on the 2015 harvest.

Since we sold out of our Enchanté, we have made another batch and it is tasting very nice! Our 2013 Barbera is coming along nicely from it's bottle shock and we plan to release it early 2016. 



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