Lightheart Cellars

Special Offers: 

After looking at the bottling plan, we need to make some room in the cellar. Please stop by and help us out.

Vintage Varietal  Discount:

2011     Merlot and Lioness         50%

2012     Colombard 35% 

Upcoming events: 

Lion Ranch Winery Grand Opening: July 17-19

Our neighbors Kim and Tod Englehardt are opening Lion Ranch Winery on the corner of San Martin Ave and Santa Theresa Ave. We wish them the best and welcome them to the industry. Please show them some love to get started! Last evening we had their "Lion's Share" Viognier blend and really enjoyed it!

Gilroy Garlic Festival July 24-26:

This is our fifth year supporting the Gilroy Rotary club's wine tent. We're happy to bring our wines and support their efforts to fund a wide variety of local programs. Please stop by when you are at the Festival and say hi. we'll have 2011 Colombard, Sangria of Colombard and our Fascino. 

Wine Trail Celebration: August 29th 

The one year anniversary of the wine trail will be celebrated in late August. Please hold the day, we will be hosting Bill Flint of J. Lohr Vineyards and Winery as well as pouring some library and barrel samples. 

Cellar News:

Winemaker Jane is putting together the bottling plan, our largest to date at nearly 1300 cases. We stacked the glass on the East end of the tasting patio, and we have 26 pallets worth, fortunately its a big patio.  Selecting the barrels to blend, and getting the wines ready for bottling will take quite a bit of effort in the next weeks. With that much wine to bottle, we're expecting to run several days and evenings. Some of you have indicated an interest in helping on the bottling line. If you are interested, please contact Jane at 

Vineyard Views:

Sheldon and the field crew have been out tending to the vines. Our big project was to subdivide the Athena's Vineyard irrigation blocks into 4 x 2 acres instead of the previous 2 x 4 acres, resulting in twice as many valves, but now the well can keep up, and we get water all the way to the end of the rows. A project that involved 300 feet of trench, 4 man days of manual digging, one emergency well service, and a lot of  trips to the hardware, this promises great results for our Merlot and Cab Franc crops, where last year we were a bit short due to water stress. Chirala Vineyard has been looking better as Patty, Alex and Chris tend to the catch wires and irrigation maintenance. We're being very careful to not waste any water, as this well has been not been reliable during the drought.  


The long range forecasts suggest that we are going to have an El Nino event, and there's a chance of rain from Hurricane Dolores that's moving up the Baja Coast. We will be putting up nets shortly and getting our crush pad ready for harvest all too soon. 



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